Bass Lake Resort - Florida
50989 US Hwy 27   Davenport, Fl.  33897
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This is NOT an International Bass Lake Resort Board of Directors web site.
  It is maintained, funded and provided by Bass Lake community residents.  We are NOT affiliated with the Bass Lake Board of Directors BUT  we live here and do know what is going on.
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Polk County Non Emergency Police Number:  863.499.2600

Photos of Highway 27 in front of Bass Lake with the trees down for the new sound wall.

Need Activities Committee

 It will be another slow winter for activities if someone doesn't step forward to be on that committee.   Clay will do Bingo but that's it.  Contact Gordon in the office if interested.




                                                            Bass Lake area road construction
For those of you who have not been down to Bass Lake within the last few months I have an update on the road construction.   Construction has started on our section of Highway 27 including the 192 overpass.  Most of the work at the current time is at the overpass.  The highway 27 work is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2016.

Work has also started on adding a third lane for the section of 192 that did not have three lanes.  This work is scheduled to be completed in late summer 2014.   Caution:  Between the hours of 4pm and early morning the crews block lanes and make numerous traffic pattern changes.   At times the traffic backup has been tremendous.   If your leaving the Disney area it may be better to take World Drive to I4 and then Hwy 27 to Bass Lake.


Sentry Management
Sentry is Bass Lakes management company and Mr. Gordon Proper is our representative.   Contact information is:   Gordon's email is: .  The sentry site includes a Bass Lake directory and copies of our documents.  
Click here for directions on viewing the directory and or documents.
Gordon spends office hours at bass lake so to call him the number is