Bass Lake Resort - Florida
50989 US Hwy 27   Davenport, Fl.  33897
 Homeowners Informational Website

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This is NOT an International Bass Lake Resort Board of Directors web site.
  It is maintained, funded and provided by Bass Lake community residents.  We are NOT affiliated with the Bass Lake Board of Directors BUT  we live here and do know what is going on.
If you would like to help support this site please contact Jim Chadek.

Polk County Non Emergency Police Number:  863.499.2600

Sad Note
John F. Gonyo passed away this week.  John will be missed by family and friends here at Bass Lake

Christmas decorations contest
Judging will take place on Dec. 20th, 2014
Happy Holidays to all

Need Activities Committee

 It will be another slow winter for activities if someone doesn't step forward to be on that committee.   Clay will do Bingo but that's it.  Contact Gordon in the office if interested.




Photos of Highway 27 in front of Bass Lake with the trees down for the new sound wall.

Sentry Management
Sentry is Bass Lakes management company and Mr. Gordon Proper is our representative.   Contact information is:   Gordon's email is: .  The sentry site includes a Bass Lake directory and copies of our documents.  
Click here for directions on viewing the directory and or documents.
Gordon spends office hours at bass lake so to call him the number is